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Our vision for Orion is a destination where the community works, lives, and enjoys the benefits of a small town atmosphere, close to major metropolitan areas and convenience, but not isolated from culture, entertainment, and retail opportunities. It is a place where people desire to live and raise families.

Those who work downtown enjoy a real sense of community and the conveniences of a downtown location. During the noon hour, people are on their way to the bank, library, drug store, or to lunch, all within minutes of each other. Some may sit in one of two parks, enjoy the open spaces, and take in the sun. Youth breathe life into the community while patronizing the library, two parks, and an excellent school system.

The arts would be an active part of people’s life. Families congregate at monthly events and concerts. They enjoy an outstanding library and a stroll through a peaceful, safe community. They meet with friends for summer movies under the stars or to listen to band music.

A short walk from your car or home to your destination is a delightful experience of sights, sounds, and smells. You pass a boutique, a restaurant, a flower shop; a local merchant passes you, smiles, and greets you with a “good afternoon.” You think to yourself that coming to Orion is always a pleasurable experience.
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About Main Street Orion

Board of Directors
Brian Stoudt- President
Alicia Dierikx- Vice President 
Pat Stoudt- Board Member
Dee Lundberg- Board Member
Jr Greenwood- Board Member 
Lisa Sieghartnier-Board Member
Kassandra Clear- Executive Director